Report of Apollo 13 Review Board
PDF File (NASA) Restoration
by Dr. Rich Drushel

Last updated Sunday, 18 February 2007, 8:53 PM, by RFD

Note: This work is neither authorized by nor approved by NASA. All disclaimers apply.

These improved, final versions supersede the previous multi-part versions, which are no longer available. I have obtained, from other NASA sources (see below), all the pages missing from the NASA History website version of these documents, and now this PDF version the Report is complete.

Original PDF source: NASA History website, Apollo 13 Review Board (Cortright Commission).

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (Mac) was used for all image processing. Adobe Acrobat 5.0.5 (Mac) and 7.0.9 Professional (Mac) were used to export images from the NASA PDFs and assemble processed images into new PDFs.

The bulk of the unrestored PDF files were obtained in 2003 from the NASA History website. Missing pages were added from an independent NASA source in 2007. Formerly, I maintained the multi-part structure of the NASA originals for the Appendices, to keep the individual file size down. However, with today's wide availability of high-speed network connections, it is just easier to make each Appendix into its own, albeit large, file. In a few places, I have added blank pages to make duplex printing easier.

The NASA originals are 300 dpi bitmaps (no greys). The scans are of varying quality. The NASA History website version is dirtier and more badly rotated, but the resolution is better. The alternate NASA source is clean and well-aligned, but the resolution seems poorer. My cleanup work includes removing extraneous lines (from page edges and 3-hole punches, spots on the scanner glass, and any other dirt marks that may or may not have been in the originals, but which were not text or images) and correction of pages misrotated at the time of scanning. I may have overlooked some blemishes, but for the most part, the documents are now very clean and legible.

Some large fold-out pages (in the original) that were scanned as separate 8.5 x 11 pages were reassembled into single pages, resampled to 600 dpi, then rescaled to fit an 8.5 x 11 page in landscape format. This preserves all of the original detail (visible by zooming in with Acrobat Reader or printing to a high-quality laser printer).

Anything that I had to derotate is transformed into a 300 dpi greyscale image, saved internally in ZIP form (lossless compression), not JPEG form (which is lossy, ick). Simple translations (recentering) are still saved as 300 dpi line-art bitmaps (no greys). Anything with an actual photograph in it was, after any rotation, put through the Blur More filter of Adobe Photoshop. This was done because the original line-art scans were effectively diffusion dithers, and I wanted to get some greys into the images. Thus, the images are often over-contrasty with too much black, but without color or greyscale scans of the original photographs in the original Report, there is nothing else I can do.

Even though the files are large, don't run them through Acrobat's Reduce File Size function. It will resample everything into JPEGs and the artifacts are extremely objectionable.


Report of Apollo 13 Review Board

(PDF Format)
Size (MB) Pages Notes
Chapter 1
3.7 Report cover
iii to x
Title page
1-1 to 1-16
Chapter 2
Board History and Procedures
2.6 Title page
2-1 to 2-44
Chapter 3
Description of Apollo 13 Space Vehicle and Mission
3.7 Title page
3-1 to 3-30
Chapter 4
Review and Analysis of Apollo 13 Accident
16.1 Title page
4-1 to 4-56
Chapter 5
Findings, Determinations, and Recommendations
1.5 Title page
5-1 to 5-42


(PDF Format)
Size (MB) Pages Notes
Appendix A
Baseline Data, Apollo 13 Flight Systems and Operations
39.7 Volume II cover
iii to vi
A-1 to A-224
A-15 to A-28, A-33, A-46 to A-48, A-61, A-62, A-141, and A-224 were restored from an alternate NASA source.

Figure A2.6-6 on page A-48 was extensively restored to make the tiny lettering on the graph legible, and to fix typos in Note 1.
Appendix B
Report of Mission Events Panel
43.3 Volume III cover
Title page
iii to vi
B-1 to B-158
The Volume III Report cover, which lists Appendices B, C, D, and E, was restored from an alternate NASA source.
Appendix C
Report of Manufacturing and Test Panel
60.8 Title page
iii to iv
C-1 to C-104
Appendix D
Report of Design Panel
18.0 Title page
iii to vi
D-1 to D-96
Appendix E
Report of Project Management Panel
11.9 Title page
iii to viii
E-1 to E-116
Appendix F
Special Tests and Analyses
31.1 Volume IV cover
Title page
iii to vi
F-1 to F-142
Appendix G
Board Administrative Procedures
1.0 Title page
iii to iv
G-1 to G-30
Appendix H
Board Releases and Press Statements
2.4 Title page
iii to iv
H-1 to H-62
H-62 was restored from an alternate NASA source.

I also maintain a website of restored PDFs for the Report of Apollo 204 Review Board about the Apollo 1 fire.